Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More news but not a big deal!

Gotta a phone call from Cathy...SHe spoke with Daina, the lawyer. Daina rec`d the acceptance and is speaking with the ministry and letting them know we can travel after the 12th. She then said that if the Riga court is "moving" we could actually travel in February. But she also said that for sure we have to stay 3 weeks. Thats awesome because months ago she said 3-4 weeks. Now we will probably arrive 2 days before court and depending pon court & ability to get Liga`s VISA, we may have to stay a couple days after! So...it`ll still be close to 4 but it`s not closer to 5!! :)

We are currently $5,000 (ish) short on coming up with fees & travel expenses! We are getting our taxes done this week and hopefully we are gwtting a great tax return. Well, we were planning on getting the taxes done but in MO there is a BLIZZARD and we are expecting 15-20 inches of snow. We currently have around 12 and the snow is still coming down hard!

Please pray:
** for the courts to get us in quickly.
** that the remaining funds become available.

Thanks for following!

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