Thursday, February 24, 2011

Masks come off

Regardless of how well you know the child you're adopting before hand when you actually go to pick them up, there is always a mask on. It isn't only the child that is wearing one, it is also the parents. These aren't always bad masks. You are both really excited and you are happy to see each other, in some cases for the first time.

These are masks with smiles a mile long. You relly want the child to like you and they really want you to like them. Sometimes these masks will only last a few days. But other times they might go a whole week or more. Eventually though, they will come off. It might be over a meal they don't like or someting they want to do and you have to put your foot down, it may even be over them not going to bed. When these masks come off you will finally see each other without the big smiles. This is why in country stays are so important. You will be forced to see each others, "other side", before you leave.

Today, I think we finally got to see Liga's mask come off. But it wasn't what I was expecting. She has been all smiles and very thankful for everything, but today it was as if she felt she could come out of her shell and really let it all hang out. She was so playful today. Excuse the crude analogy, but when you take an indoor dog out to the park and you take his leash off he goes crazy and runs in circles and is just really excited. That is how Liga was today!

We went to Cili Pizza again and worked on flash cards for about an hour after we ate. Then we walked to the Circus to see how much tickets were. (8 Lats or $16 a person). We quickly decided to go to the mall and just look at people and walk around. The market place here is really incredible. The price of everything is insane, but you really get a glimps of their culture. We then went to the grocery store and then back to the apartment. By the time we got back Brenna was in a lot of pain from all the walking (and a little grumpy) and even her mask came off today hehe. All in all it was a good day and it ended with us tucking Liga in and praying for her. And of course with Liga ending the day the same way she begins each day, with saying "I love you mommy and Daddy" about a dozen times. Which by the way NEVER gets old!

Here are some pictures from today!

Cili Pizza - my girls! Liga worked so hard on her flashcards. She has improved even since yesterday. Brenna asked her at dinner time to put the ketchup in the fridge and Liga completely understood and did it right away. WOW - She is so smart!!!

Freedom Monument: It's the way we find McDonald's (just kidding!)

Ducks are everywhere!! You often find older women feeding the birds. Everytime we see the ladies, I start singing, "Feed the birds, tuppens a bag..." Pigeons walk side by side with you!!

The Mall "Origo" is connected to the train station. The other two pics are the other side of the street from the mall. Busy streets, fast paced pedestrians and tons of fast moving vehicles (cars, trolleys & buses - we have yet to see a pickup)!

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