Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday... A day of rest? Hmmmm....

Well, we all got up this morning around 8:45 and ate cereal or yogurt. As soon as we were done, Liga went and changed and sat down to continue her knitting. She is doing such a great job and seeks our approval as she makes it longer and longer.

I have done considerably well with the jetlag this entire trip until today, I was only up for an hour or so and hit a wall. I had to go to sleep or get sick. I went and took a 2 hr nap and felt awesome when I woke up. Ready for lunch!!!! Liga and I made scrambled eggs and sausage. We put some bread in the oven to toast it. We also had bananas and string cheese to complete the meal. After we ate well and cleaned up, we bundled up to head out for the afternoon.

When you head out in 20 degree weather you must cover all extremeties. Especially when you're walking for 25-30 minutes. We headed for some of the historical landmarks. We continued on to the Market area, which is an inside/outside market of everything.
The largest meat market I've ever been to in my life, as well as fruits/veggies, pastries, flowers, clothes, gloves/hats/scarfs and many items made of wood. We sample pomegranite and it was really good. We bought butter and spices.

At the donut shop, we were behind a very kind woman that spoke English and she explained what the process was. The lady at the spice counter spoke enough english to help me. We also have a Latvian/English dictionary and between her english and the book I bought dried onion, garlic and black pepper.

We left the market just after 4 because they start closing up shop. The walk back to the apartment was colder because the temps had dropped but we stopped in McDonalds to warm up. No, we didn't eat there again!!!! :) After we thawed out a bit, we decided we should stop at Maxima, the grocery store for some milk & chicken. We passed Double Coffee and decided that's where we'd have dinner. It's kinda like Starbucks/Panera Bread. We all had a wonderful meal and finished our shopping.

As soon as we got home, Liga instantly went back to her knitting. She has gotten so much done. She is about to finish but has stopped because is working on flash cards with her. It's almost 10pm and we will head to bed as soon as I'm done with this.

Tomorrow we have our first visit with the Social Worker and the interpretor. Relax afterwards until 5pm, when we head to get her passport paperwork done. I have no idea what to expect from the visit. All I know is that I love this little girl. She never tires of hearing us say "I love you". She is picking up on English faster than my Latvian. I hope the SW can see the connection we have already started and that only time can improve this.

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