Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 More days!!!!

We are doing are best to getting everything ready to head out of here in 10 days!

**Airline tickets purchased - check!
**Apartment in Riga secured - check!
**Hotel booked in Frankfurt, Germany - check!
**Liga`s suitcase packed - check!
**Suitcases borrowed & ready to be filled w/ our clothes - check!

There`s still all the little things that need to be done & those are the things that could possibly make me crazy before Feb. 15th! We spent some time with our friends, the Tucker`s last night. They were such a huge help. Joe & Tim went on google earth & went on a virtual tour of Riga, particularily Old Town Riga. They gave us a map and plenty of tips. SOme were funny, like Joe shouldn`t wear khaki pants, men only wear dark colored pants & he`ll stick out like a tourist. Only take the "Red Cabs" they are the most trust worthy. When exchanging money at the bank pull #4.

Everytime I think about meeting Liga, several things happen: 1st - I get a ginormous smile and get super excited. The 2nd reaction - nerves! I have prayed specifically for this young girl for nearly 4 months. I know God has worked out the "quirks" and that everything will be okay but I still get nervous about if she`ll do what Meggie did! I know that these nerve are not from God, rather the devil. He tries to steal & destroy our happiness, joy, excitement and PEACE! I also think alot about communication. Liga has only one year of English, which equals about 2-3 weeks living here. I have been praying alot about the transition. Praying that her young heart will be able to understand the magnitude of all thats happening.

Well, in 10 days we will be leaving. In 12 days we will meet her. OMGoodness!

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