Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Social Workers, Passports and lazy days....

I braided Ligs's hair the day before and when I pulled it down this morning, she said, "I have curly hair like mom!"

Daina and her son arrived at 9:45 for our visit with the social worker. She spent some time asking Liga a few questions. She also showed us on the map where to find more yarn for Liga to make more scarves.

The social worker looked at all the things we made together and all of our coloring. They were very impressed with how quickly Liga learned to knit and how far she has gotten.

We were told on Friday at Orphan Court that we would have 2 visits per week while we were here. But today, the social worker said she didn't need to see us again until Monday. They asked all the questions that we expected and a few more. One I found interesting is she asked if we went to church? We said no because we didn't think we would understand anything. But apparently there are many churches that hold English speaking services. She also showed us what churches hold such services, as well as how to get to a shop that has yarn available.

At 5pm Daina and Sandra picked us up at the apartment to take us to the passport office. They are open until 7!!! What gov't office is open until 7? Anyway, Liga had her picture taken for her new passport and Sandra (as her representative) signed all the paperwork. Her new passport will be ready on Friday. All the things that are needed for her to go home with us are almost done.

We came home and ate baked chicken and buttered pasta, with bread and fruit. An hour later, Joe asked if she wanted ice cream. A girl after her daddy's heart... YES, followed by a little dance. :)

Liga has worked really hard on this puzzle. She is able to pick a piece out of the box and then find it's place. Simply amazing with her eyesight.

We have plans to go to the movie on Tuesday. All the movies are in English with Latvian subtitles. We'll need to sit fairly close, so that she can see the subtitles.

Until tomorrow....

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  1. Ann Kimmel is a dear friend of mine. Praying for you all!!