Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More paperwork? Seriously?

Well, we only have one more week until we leave. Yesterday we got an email saying that we needed a Power of Attorney for our lawyer in Latvia. It needed to be signed & Apostilled, as well as a Monitoring Agreement. The Mon. Ag. is a piece of paper that is communication between our Home Study Agency & the orphan court - the HS agency is verifying that they have approved us for said child & that they are in agreement of us having her come home with us after the 1st trip for "bonding". It`s a really important paper that we had already done months & months ago but had Meggie`s name on it. So we went to Springfield to pick up the Mon Ag & take all 4 pieces of paper to the Secretary of States office & have them all APostilled (authenticated). We had a few things to get in town & made a "date" of it with our kids. They love Olive Garden & it`s been over a year since we went last. Still yummy food!

We are thankful for an awesome HS agency & Adoption agency that keeps us on our toes & go the extra mile even whenn it`s not convenient. We are truly blessed.

We also got Liga`s sizes. Whew! I was getting worried about what to pack exactly.. Now I have to buy a pair of tennis shoe because she`s got bigger feet than I figured. CLothes we`re doing good. We also got a few more pics of her in the fall, apparently a few of them were at church or something dressyish!

Well, lots to do still. I had 6 lists & narrowed it down to 2 but after visiting with the Tucker`s it went up to 3 again. Oh well, Good stuff!

Until next time!

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