Monday, August 30, 2010

Huge Prayer Request!!

This morning we rec`d a call from our agent, Cathy with some less than great news. SHe had rec`d an email from our Latvian Attorney that Meggie`s Biological Father has appealed his termination of parental rights. These rights were taken in Feb 2008 and upon finding out that she has an adoptive family he decides to appeal. Our lawyer said that a high level court date has been set for early December. The court will not reverse the decision because he hasn`t made any contact with Meggie. This apparently will not affect our adoption, only delay it.

We are asking for your prayers:
1) that the date will be moved up. (we had hoped to travel in Oct);
2) for wisdom on the part of the judge. They will see the big picture & seek to do whats best for Meggie;
3) that our hearts will remember daily that God is in control.

Thank you for your prayers & support!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

While I'm Waiting - John Waller

I just get so busy!

Okay, so it's been over a month since the last post and I'm truly sorry for anyone that actually is following this. We started this as a journal of our long journey to bring Meggie home.

We had an awesome summer or rather 5 weeks with Meggie. The first couple weeks were tough because she had to "protect" her heart and would sometimes say "I won't let you adopt me!" or "you can't adopt me". While those were extremely hurtful statements we did our best to not show the internal pain that was surrounding our hearts. At week 3 we spoke with the Latvian translator and she spoke with Meggie and asked if she really did want to be with us (her answer was yes) and that she needed to be careful. She might actually get what she says she wants, even though it was her only "trump card" and was used when she didn't get what she wanted. After that conversation, we didn't hear those statements. It was extremely hard to let her go at the airport and she didn't want to go either. She held on for awhile and finally released and went to sit with her foster sister, Inessa. Which by the way, is an incredible young lady, that also has a forever family in the process of adoption. She is like the older sister Meggie never had and I believe Meggie will struggle more with the seperation from Inessa than from her 2 little sisters. I have been writing her adoptive mommy and we are both committed to keep the girls in contact with each other and hopefully travel to see each other over the years.

Well, now that Meggie is home in Latvia, we sit here and wait! WAIT<>Prayer Requests:
Please pray for us... we are having another Garage Sale on 9/10 - 9/11 (by the way, I dislike GS with a passion). We are doing another pancake Breakfast with another adopting family on 9/18. And possibly doing another fundraiser on 9/25. Pray that God's handprint is all over it. That He endorses these events. Pray that our court date comes Mid-Oct. Pray that our in country time is less than 12 days.

Please Pray for some friends of ours; they were the ones that introduced us to Meggie by hosting her over Christmas. They left on 8/18 for 30 days In-Country time & court for the little girl they are adopting. The place where they are going is in a lot of political turmoil and don't think about the child first. Our friends have 2 young girls they left in the states with family. So pray for a soft hearted Judge, smooth processes, and distraction for the sweet little girls back home.

Please pray for some other friends of ours also. They are in the process of adopting and just found out this week that the little girl they had come to know as Lillian and love as their own daughter, will not be theirs. The birthmother with lots of pressure from other family sought to keep her parental rights. This family is having very positive attitudes about this and have turned to God for their broken hearts. They will recieve another referral for another little girl but we don't know when.