Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short but sweet...

Well, not much has changed in our life but I thought i'd check in.

This week I'm working on lesson plans for homeschool, as well as elementary age Wed. night curriculum. Its so hard to know exactly where to start with school with Leigah but this summer she did "summer school" and that short of have me a place to go from. She forges on in her schoolwork but forgets to ask for help or just choses to get things done fast & asking would take time. We will focus on letters & sounds, beginning language skills and early elementary American history, health & science. After I talk with the VI (visually impaired) resource teacher, I will figure out a math to work on. The girls will start school a week before the boys because they will miss a week of school when we go on our final trip to Latvia.

Which leads me to this 3rd & final trip. We still haven't booked our tickets yet. I have a friend with a lot of sky miles and he is looking at buying 2 of our tickets with his miles. That would be a ginormous blessing. W we only have to buy tuckers, pay for the B&B & food while there. These final costs are overwhelming me and stress me out.

Well I said this would be short, so I gotta get off of here! Probably going to be late for work at this point. Until next time.