Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello again...

When a member of our family is on the toilet a long time, it its asked of them if the fell in....

Well, I've been off here for some time and no I haven't fallen in. Life happens and busyness interrupts!! The Friend family is doing good. I know we have said this and that seems like a simple answer but we are good. Let me explain...Micah has been the only little girl in our everyday lives for 13 years. Her & I went on girl outings, laughed together, had our own jokes, she was the first born grandbaby girl on both sides and I have often said if your daughter could be your best friend, next to Joe, Micah was mine. (Yes, I am getting to the point!) My biggest concern in this adoption has always been Micah. Will she feel pushed side, will our relationship change, will she worry about our love for her & will she accept Leigah as her sister after the whole Meggie ordeal. Let me say this: they are really sweet sisters! There are days when Micah needs a little space but overall, they get along so well. Micah cares for her and helps take care of her. Besides the lack of English & her low vision, Leigah has a few developmental & mental delays. Micah has the heart of Mother Tereasa (sp) w/ a streak of good humor when dealing daily with Leigah. So when I say we are doing good......we are!!! We don't have sibling rivalry or fighting (well, anymore than we did before Leigah came home). I never really worried about the boys because they both have hearts of compassion and a natural inclination to protect their family, especially us girls. Ethan is so sweet when we are out and about, because he will grab Leigahs hand and walk with her. The other day we were walking from the van at the back of the parking lot into a wedding reception and he grabbed her hand and I asked him why....his reply, "she is my twin sister and and I can!" OKAY! :) (she definitely looks like she belongs in our family with her blond hair & blue eyes - but the fact that her & Ethan are the same age makes her his twin!)

We have had a busy summer. My niece & nephew have been with us since May 24 (my niece actually went home a week ago to go to summer school & put a little more structure in her life). Tanner will be with us until the end of June. We'd love for him to stay until the end of July but my sis & BIL would miss him to much. The boys have been kayaking many times, we've made it to the pool , weddings, work & vegging out during the summer. Leigah is doing "summer school" to help her get ready for the fall. Starting next week the kids will head to camp. Leigah, Ethan & Micah will all go together. Micah was supposed to go this week for 8th & 9th graders but she would have gone by herself and her friend Faith is the only girl besides Leigah during 6th & 7th grade week, so she is going then. So it will be very quiet at our home at the end of July. Keegan, Joe & Micah are helping at a week of camp as well.

On the adoption front:
I will head to Latvia July 21-27 for our second court. I'm actually staying a few extra days because it will save me a lot on airplane tickets and my hotel room is cheap. It's safe and its a bed. While there I will met my adoption coordinator from GA for the first time. I feel like I already know her because she is been such a vital party of our adoption, not just with the logistic part but emotionally she helped me walk over some hurdles. I'm also trying to arrange an opportunity to visit Leigahs old orphanage and school. Our lawyer, Daina suggested we not attempt to go there on our first trip but since I have extra days, I'm hoping she can help me. Leigah won't be there to be emotionally scarred or fearful that she is going back and I can see where my daughter spent 10 years of her life. This trip will make Leigah officially ours, after the 21 day waiting period & the 10 day paperwork trail. We will be able to schedule our 3rd trip for the US Embassy.

We are trying to schedule another fundraiser for July. We own an inflatable business & thought that we would set up 5-6 inflatables and charge $5 for unlimited play on a Fri or Sat evening & also have concessions available. I don't know how well it will do but its worth the try.

I will do better at posting...maybe?!! ;)