Friday, May 21, 2010

Sorry it took so long!

It's so hard when there is so much time in between the next step in the process of adoption. We sent in our USCIS application 3-4 weeks ago and are mailing in our Dossier by Tuesday of next week. We have had a few hold-ups here & there but overall it's not been to bad.

I spoke with our Agent a few days ago and she did say that the Latvian Ministry (that does the court work & hands out Referrals) is way behind and they are moving slower, also! So what took only 6-8 weeks in the fall is taking 3-4 months now! We were hoping to be traveling by late August/early September but apparently that may not happen. maybe that's God's way of handling the money stuff!

Speaking of money:
1) We had a garage sale on April 30-May 1 and we were praying that we would make over $2500. Okay, so that's a lot and many people thought it was way out there. But I serve the God of the impossible and He proved that all things are possible through Him. We made over $3200. Who makes $3200 on a Garage Sale? We did because awesome people donated soooo many items and God's handprint was all over it!

2) Our adoption agency got a call today from one of the foundations that we have applied to for a grant. They called this morning before their board meeting to decide the recipients of the grant. I prayed for each board member and their decisions. We could really use the grant money to help with Agency/Facilitator fees before each trip (3 trips total).

Hopefully, I will be better at this in the future. As I said, it gets hard when there's not a whole lot of "new" news!

Please continue to pray for our family, Money (always an issue), Meggie (as she waits), paperwork to travel with speed, translations to go smoothly and the Latvian Ministry to get on the ball! Thank you in advance!

In Christ Alone, Brenna