Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have now had Meggie in our home for 3 weeks and 1 day. We have faced a roller coaster of emotions and endured the heartache of stories told by a 10 year old that shouldn't even understand these types of situations. It is so interesting to watch how our family seems to have been inadequate, empty, not as fulfilled, quiet :), and even boring before this bundle of energy came into our home on June 26th!

One of the things New Horizons, the hosting program says it to not be soooo busy that the child believes that's how "American" life is. Well, life at the Friend household is always busy and on the go. Prior to 6/26, somedays Joe and I were like ships passing in the night. The life of a "minister" family can be crazy busy and always entertaining. During the summer we are often doing day trips with the youth group or friends, so it has been great to find new and adventurous things to do.

Because Meggie's favorite "occupation" is swimming we try to hit the pool several times during the week & weekend. She is turning into quite the water baby. Her swimming has improved immensly and she is gaining more and more confidence with every trip there (she is still using the life jacket). We have taken her to different kinds of swimming experiences. We went canoeing & kayaking 2 weeks ago and got out and swam for awhile. We also went to Elephant Rocks State Park & Johnson Shutins State Park on 7/13. We climbed awesome rock formations and then got to swim in the Johnson Shutins rock beds and water currents. We all felt that adventure the next day with all the sore muscles, bumps & bruises.

Meggie has made some new friends and it is such a joy to watch her open up to children her own age (she has no problem with small children~she is used to being around her 2 younger sisters). She has started to get to know some of our friends and has begun talking to them (cripling shy child).

Her english was pretty good when she came but she has impressed us all with how much she has improved. We have learned a few new words and she has learned dozens. She is helpful with charades, hand descriptions, color identifiers and laughing when we just don't get it. Her favorite english words are "why & no"! She still hasn't learned how to place them correctly. She will say no to anything we suggest out of fear/nervousness. She will try new foods and situations but first says no.

Food issues haven't been too bad. She doesn't like anything beef. She likes pork (chu-ga) and chicken. Loves almost any raw veggie and fruit. Not a huge fan of breads, rice or noodles. LOVES CANDY! ESPECIALLY ANY SOUR CANDY!!!

Today I spoke with the chaperone that we must contact every week with the hosting program about Meggie. Some days when she is mad/frustrated she will be kind of hurtful with her words and say that she doesn't like us or want us to adopt her. I told the chaperone that I believe it is manipulative and intentionally trying to hurt us (I think she wants to see if we will still love her regardless). The chaperone is also a director of an orphan court in Latvia and was so helpful. She agreed with me on why she was doing it. She explained what would take place in court and that Meggie really wouldn't be given an option. She would be asked if she understood, only. She also asked to speak with Meggie. She asked Meggie if she wanted us to be her family and if she wanted to come to America to be with us. Meggie said YES! I know that tomorrow that may change but today I am so satisfied!

Meggie is probably one of the happiest and smiliest children I have ever met. She is high energy but welcome to our family! She laughs, snuggles, tells interesting stories and loves to loved on. She does have her moments, what child doesn't but they are coming further and further apart!

Micah & Ethan go to church camp tomorrow, Joe & Keegan leave early for NYR on Wed.. So Meggie & I will be alone for 2 days, just being Mommy & Meggie!

Please continue to pray for the bonding that continues to take place.
Please pray for the $$$ funds to come in. (this includes the foundations that are deciding on our grants)

May God bless you daily!