Friday, February 25, 2011

Let me introduce you to...

Some of our favorite foods in Latvia (I'll post more later):

yummy black currant syrup (for pancakes)

Cookies: Kinda like Oreos (not as good but close) with Strawberry center

Yogurt: It's pourable and super yummy! If I could figure a way to bring it home, I would!!

My favorite Latvian girl:
Leigah Allana Friend

with my favorite man!

Modeling her new scarf. She's such a happy girl!

Ready to go out into the 15 degree weather yet she is still so happy! I made a crochet flower to put on her hat to match her scarf. Isn't she beautiful!!!!!

We walked to LIDO, a restaurant that is all over Riga. There are actually 7 of them you can go to. We will go to the largest one sometime next week. You have to take the tram to get there and we have yet to be brave enough to try. One adopting family made it a challenge to go to every LIDO; we decided we'd rather try to go to all 7 Cili Pica's while here. Leigah said she preferred the Pizza over LIDO but it was still good. It's a buffet and it's all you can eat but you pick your food first and then pay for what you got. No returns to the line unless you have money in your pocket. It was super busy when we went and slightly overwhelming because we had no idea what to expect and Leigah started to get overwhelmed. These pictures are the buffet food lines. There are small kiosks in the middle with drinks and fruit salad bars. Desserts were at the front of the buffet, which I think is a grand idea.

Liga also finished the first puzzle, that we have been working on since she came to stay with us last Friday. She also started and finished the second puzzle with ease.

Joe has always had a knack for embarrasing the ones he loves. Being in a foreign country hasn't changed him - everytime we pass by a building/shop that has music playing, he looks to Leigah & me and says "wanna dance?" Of course, that would be so embarrassing and we both say NO! But last night at the apartment we found one of our songs from our wedding on youtube and played it. Joe & I danced long enough to make Leigah want to join in. it was such a sweet moment. I video taped it but I couldn't upload the video.

She has been camera happy, too. We brought a cheap digital camera and I thought the right batteries but when Joe & Leigah tried to get it ready, we realized they were the wrong size. At the grocery store the other day we found AAA batteries and put them on the counter to purchase. You should have seen the smile on Leigah's face; she knew they were for her camera and right there she started hugging us both and kissing our cheeks & telling us I love you, thank you! She is so appreciative of even the small things. There are no issues of entitlement (so far) or struggles with being ungrateful.

I know we will have issues that arise but this trip has been "easy" so far. She is laid back, just like us and she just rolls with the punches. Some days we start to get bored but she'll just knit; or work on a puzzle or color. Having 3 weeks bonding time is a long time but we have done our best to fill the time. Usually we leave the apartment to "kill time"!!!!

Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo with Yuri. Yuri is the to-be-adopted son of our friends Duane & Paula Chaffin. We are meeting him at McDonalds for lunch and then off to the zoo. He speaks English very well and was excied that we were going to take him to the zoo. We'll also be bringing gifts from the Chaffin's to give him and his foster mom, Natalia.

Well, more tomorrow!

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