Monday, February 14, 2011

we`re leaving...

Well, all the gifts are bought, the bags are packed and everything is ready to head out. Except my heart! I`m just not ready to leave the kids. Yesterday someone said that it was a good time to cut the apron strings. I might be but my heart is completely ready to revolt!

We will leave our house around 7:30, stop off at Casey`s for some donuts & coffee and then be on our way to airport in SPringfield. Our plan takes off at 10:36am but we wanted to have plenty of time to get checked in & use the restromm and say goodbye or see ya later!

We will arrive in Riga, Latvia on Wednesday @ 2:05pm. Our apartment has arranged for a driver to pick us up & take us to the apartment. We will get all the paperwork arranged & then head to the bank to exchange some money. Who knows what will happen after that but we now know that we will officially meet Liga on Thursday morning @ 10:30. I don`t know how long we will be there but I`ll be sure to keep you posted. Then we will have our court appointment on Friday.

Keep praying for our first meeting. There will be a representative from the Orphan court there as well.

Well, thats all for now. My tummy is not happy either & nerves have turned to a yucky nauseous feeling. I want to go to bed but to do so cuts our time together as a family.

Until next post... Good night! I`ll catch you on the other side of the pond!


  1. You are on my heart and mind, as is sweet Liga! Know you are being prayed for and cheered on from here! Can't wait to hear about your time there. Give Daina a hug from us and enjoy every minute you can. Will be praying for your sweet family here as well!

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