Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4: Eating, shopping & the movies!

All our mornings pretty much start out the same. Liga wakes up at 8:30 and the shuffle of her slippers across the floor, wakes both Joe & me up. She walks in our room and says, " I love you!!!" and then sits on my side of the bed to give me a HUGE hug! Then I scoot over for her to snuggle next to me in bed for a few minutes, while my eyes continue to adjust. Then we go pick out her clothes and while she is changing, I fix her breakfast. We eat breakfast together and then start our day.

Today, as I said yesterday, we planned to go to the movies. We went online to see the movie choices and their times. The only appropriate choices were "Tangled" and "Gulliver's Travels". We have already seen Tangled and didn't feel right paying for a movie we've already seen. We left the apartment at 11:00 and when we arrived we decided to go to Cili Pica (Chili Pizza). It was wonderful and not expensive. We ordered a ham, mushroom and pickle pizza for Joe & Liga and I got a grilled chicken salad with yummy dressing, not the mayo-anchovie one that came with it! (Bleck)

After we finished eating we went into "Stockmann" store. On one half it's like Dillard's/Nordstroms/Macy's; on the other half it's a grocery store. It's the place to go if there are "American" foods you just can't live without. We bought Bisquick and syrup, carrots, rice & Joe had to get a package of Snickers bars.

The movie was a nice break in the middle of the dy. She enjoyed and laughed at all the funny parts. She said she could see the words okay. It was 3D, so we had lovely glasses on!

On our walk home at 3:30, we stopped at the mall. It's a 5 level, rectangular mall. On each level there's about 10-15 stores and one of them on the 4th floor has sewing/knitting supplies. We purchased 3 skeins of yarn for Liga to make more scarves.

As soon as we got home, she got out all the supplies and started again on another scarf. This one is different varieties of pinks and she keeps holding it up to her heart and saying "me like, you?"! So sweet. She takes pleasure in the small things.

We have definately learned that she gets hyped up if you give her any candy at night, even a small snack-size M&M's. Whew - she was wired at bedtime tonight! But she doesn't argue about bedtime, she loves to brush her teeth and she continues to smile from ear to ear at prayer time.

Tomorrow we will meet with Daina at 12:45 to go to the US Embassy Doctor. She will explain ALL the documents re: Liga's health history and current issues. It will give us a better picture of all that she will struggle with or how it will affect her as she gets older, either socially or academically. After being with her for 4 days, her biggest struggle continues to be her eyesight. It's obvious that her glasses only meet her needs for long distances but not even as far as I see. She needs bi-focals and maybe even a stronger Rx.

She is picking up on English very fast, at least the important words. When we asked the Social Worker what the thought we should do, she said the most important thing was helping her with learning English. She is engulfed in English with us and we are constantly asking her words. She knew the alphabet and how to count to 10 but she has learned to eat, to drink, zipper, wait, stop, up, down, face body parts, "oops", thank you, you're welcome, cup, knife, fork, spoon, many animal names, refridgerator, sink, and a few more. (you probably didn't want to know the extensive list)!

Just a random note: when we walk down the road, she won't talk (she has to constantly look at the ground to see), so we started kicking snowballs down the sidewalk and having her kicking them farther but today she thought it was funny to run up to them and squash them and say "Bye-Bye!" She laughed the entire walk home. When we got home she said "Whew, thank you!" I think we wore her out. hehe!!!!

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