Monday, January 31, 2011


I know that doesn`t make sense and I`m not sure I can even explain it. But apparently our referral we accepted in November was accepted but they also need a formal acceptance. So, I guess thats what we did again today! Although it`s no fun to repeat things, this email came with the promise of a quick Letter of Invitation & Travel Dates. We also had to state when we could travel. Because of a prior committment we said that we could travel anytime after February 12th. I`d be okay hopping on a plane on the 13th!

So, thats the news for today! She will be finding out really soon & we will be getting our travel plans lined out. I spoke with our travel agent & got the low-down on ticket prices from the 13th on... Just about the same price & we still get to spend the night in Frankfurt, Germany! Which right now I think is awesome, we`ll see how I feel about it when I`m ready to get home to our other three kiddos.

Until next time....

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  1. It doesn't need to make sense if it gets you closer to your girl!!

    So happy that you got word and will be getting some travel dates soon! Keep us posted - it is so exciting! We are praying for you!