Friday, January 28, 2011


Rec'd another email from Cathy, the consultant at our agency. It made me cry! But tears of happiness & relief. It really wasn't a major email. It just said that Daina, the lawyer is putting a call into Brigita, the processor of Int'l adoptions at the Latvian Ministry. Brigita is the ONLY processor and therefore is overloaded with many families trying to get into her country to get their children. Daina was going to check into our letter of invitation.

Prayer Requests:
***Please pray for Brigita. That she will be able to quickly get our ltr of Invitation.
***Pray for the travel dates to be in the next couple weeks because airplane tickets are at a good price. And the quicker we travel now, the quicker 2nd & 3rd trips come & hopefully we won't have to pay really expensive summer prices.
***Continue to pray for Liga. As soon as we receive that ltr, she will be finding out about Joe & me and the family. Big changes in her life!

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