Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Nothing major has changed! No, thats not the whole update! On Monday we got an email from our agency and it was a CC of emails sent between her & the Latvian Lawyer. Cathy, our adoption consultant, asked Daina, the lawyer if the letter of invitation was in & when we would travel. She also asked if she had gotten sizes on Liga and if she knew about us yet. Daina said that she had no news from the Latvian Ministry & she hadn`t heard anything about Liga yet. UGH! So, we are waiting AGAIN!

Today, I woke up in a funk! Maybe its because we ran out of propane & although our home is in the mid 60`s (because of fireplace & large space heater thingys), it`s frustrating; maybe it`s because I have two kiddos with the sore throat, fever & awful cough Flu; maybe it`s because for the last year I have taken People at their word (you`ll travel in July or August or December or January or February) and have let my expectation get the best of me and I have been disappointed time and time again. Either way, when I went to work today, my "adoption" lifesong came on! "(While I`m Waiting" by John Waller) ANd I started to cry, knowing that NO MATTER WHAT - I`M CALLED TO WORSHIP, REMAIN HOPEFUL, KEEP A GOOD ATTITUDE, AND KNOW THAT I AM NOT IN CONTROL, HE IS & ALWAYS HAS BEEN! I took the 15 minute drive to thank God for a reminder? One that I would "get"! Thank Him for opportunities to bring other children to His throne, to pray for others needs & to wait on Him!

I`ll keep you posted!

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