Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, this is the week that our Latvian lawyer ends her month long "holiday". I have said all along that it was a well-deserved break but have wished it wasn`t so long or during our hurry up & wait part of the adoption. I thought that 1 month would take an eternity but it has gone rather quickly.

I have checked with the travel agency to see if our tickets have gone up/changed and they`ve only increased by a dollar or so. We also got Lufthansa`s price for extra bags. I figured it be higher but it is only $50/extra 50# bag (that is one-way).

Our adoption agency is checking again for sizes on Liga. Her suitcase is getting full & I`m not even close to being done.

I`m also trying to think of gifts for all those involved w/o breaking the bank. On Monday I have to go to COlumbia, Mo for Micah`s orthopedic surgeon & on the way home we`ll stop at the lake to find some "good buys"!

I`ve talked to our pediatrician whether there`s anything we can do when we travel and he said to wait. When we got home he`ll do a physical & decide what immunizations, vitamins, therapy, etc will be needed.

So, we are praying we have some correspondence with the lawyer by Friday. We are waiting for our Letter of Invitation & Travel/Court dates.

As the days get closer, I get more anxious about leaving the kids. I know they will be in loving, trust-worthy hands - I`ll just miss them. I miss them when I have a long day away. I`m trying to work out some of the quirks of communication while we are gone. We have a pre-paid Int`l phone card that the kids can use to call us but I`m trying to find a friend that has a laptop with a webcam so we can Skype with the kids. My digital camera has died as well, so I need to borrow an easy, good camera from someone. I`ll keep asking around.

Well, this is more than too long...I`ll post as soon as we know anything!

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  1. Thinking of you each day through the wait!

    LOVE Skype - It was a great way to stay in touch when we were there, and it will help Liga feel connected to her new siblings too! It is very easy to use, and webcams are fairly inexpensive I think.

    Keep us posted! Praying for you all! It is a wonderful, exciting, scary adventure!