Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yesterday we waited and waited for our Social Worker to come but she never came. Joe & Leigah killed time by doing crafts. I worked with her on school basics.

Anyway, apparently, Daina sent an email on Friday that we never got, that said Inguna, the social worker, needed to reschedule the appt. We have a new appt for Friday @ 10. After we waited, we decided to get out of the apartment & blow some stink off!

There are over a dozen historical places to go see. Our aim was The House of Blackheads. There are several souvenir shops and we found the tourism office. They gave us a great map and other interesting pamphlets for Riga. We bought a few things for our family and just aimlessly walked through town. When the temperatures started to drop, we set our sights on Maxima, the grocery store. We needed more water and things to drink. I will say that that is the hardest thing to do here - keep hydrated. When you are dehydrated you are sleepy, grumpy, feel yucky and many other issues.

Today I let Brenna sleep in and Leigah and I ate breakfast. When we were all up and ready we went to get on a tram and go to a restaurant called Lido. It was fantastic!!!

The food was great and the atmosphere was also. During the summer there is an amusement park at the restaurant. During the winter the rides are shut but there were climbing things open and Joe & Leigah had fun.

All the electric rides were closed but there was an ice skating rink that stays busy. So we prayed for safety and dished out $11 dollars or $5.50 lats and proceeded to take our life in our own hands and head out on the ice.

Leigah was very nervous but got the hang of it by the time we left (they had a cool thing you could rent that helped small children or anyone really that couldn't skate - worth the $2). We paid for an hour but after 30 minutes Brenna and I were dead tired. We asked Leigah if she was ready, and she laughed and said very enthusiastically, "Yes, Please done!" Thank goodness she said that, I am not sure I could have gone another 30 minutes.

One of the most amazing things that could happen when you're in another country is see someone you know when you are out and about. Today as we were leaving Lido we literally bumped into Daina our adoption Lawyer. She was with a family from Atlanta Georgia that were also adopting a child. We gave huge hugs and visited with them for awhile before we left. What a blessing.

After ice skating we walked to a gas station got something to drink and got on the tram to head to our apt. Once we got to the apartment Brenna worked with Leigah on home schooling stuff. Brenna mostly worked on writing and flash cards. Leigah is very eager to learn and a great student.

Tonight we are going to St Peter's church for a clasical concert. Leigah absolutely loves everything that has to do with music. Her face almost glows with excitement as she listens so intently. I can't wait until we get back to our church and she gets to hear Ryan Showmaker and the Southern Heights Christian Church worship team lead in praising our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

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