Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update 2

We've been doing our best to keep busy so that the time before we return home goes fast. We took our time Saturday morning getting around and finally got ourselves out of the apartment around noon. Our plan was to head to a different mall. Apparently, this mall is the largest in all of Latvia. This meant that we had to get on a tram. This wasn't too hard this time, although it was a different # tram and pick up spot. We boarded and enjoyed the smooth ride several miles outside of Old Town Riga. This mall is called "Alfa" and was a good sized mall. Inside there was a very large "Rimi" store that was kinda like Target/Wal-Mart (groceries, clothes, household needs, etc.), there was a movie theater, food court, several levels of stores. It actually reminded me of a normal mall in America. We are such creatures of habit. Guess where we went to eat lunch? Cili Pica!! Leigah & Joe found a new kind of pizza that they hadn't eaten yet. I got another salad. After lunch we walked the entire mall. Good excercise, right?!

We stopped in the Rimi store and enjoyed the familiar feeling of home. We found several books for Leigah (in Latvian) for the airplane ride. We also found lined notebook paper. That's one thing I forgot - a notebook or paper. You can easily find graph paper but lined is a whole other story. We also bought a cheap box of Dominoes because Leigah likes to play Dominoes. We found a great deal on some fish, so of course we purchased that as well for dinner this week.

Our ride back to Old Town and our walk to the apartment was cold. The temperatures are actually considerably warm but the wind is awful. It was almost 40 degrees out when we left but the wind made if feel like 15. Anyway, our evening ended with a small dinner & ice cream, talkin to family on Skype and an early bedtime.

We woke up this morning earlier than normal and everyone got ready for church. We watched funniest home videos for a little while before we had to leave. We are getting really good at getting to places. I, who am really directionally challenged, could even give you a tour of Old Town! Services at this church are every Sun. @ 11 for an English service. It was a little more low key this week without the Gospel choir. Leigah followed along better on the songs this week.

After church we went to a place called, "Dada". It's a mongolian BBQ place; it was good - well, Joe & I thought it was good - Leigah not so much but she ate enough to make her comfortable. You could tell she wasn't hip on it because of the faces she was trying to hide that she was making. She picked what went in but she wasn't a fan. (After we left, Joe found a pastry shop, where we got 2 different pastries - in the hopes that she would like them and fill up some more).

Sunday's a day of rest and we have done just that today. Lounging on the couch, watching movies that I'm familiar with but they are in Latvian. Leigah loved the movie and giggled but I struggled to stay awake.

Things are still going well... She doesn't have a huge English vocabulary but she uses everything she knows daily. Yesterday, I was laying in my bed and she came in and snuggled next to me and we just sang a couple songs and she tickled my arm. It was a simple moment but it was one that a momma & her daughter should have often. She is getting excited that we leave in less than a week. She can't wait to meet & hug her brothers and sister. We have a busy week, which is good because we are soooo ready to head home. The kids at home seemed to be doing a little better yesterday when we skyped. Ethan got through the entire call w/o tears ~ IMPROVEMENT!!!! Keep praying, though!

Hope I didn't bore you with the play by play. Gotta go put groceries away, Joe walked to the store for me. We gotta have Milk & TP, ya know?! :)

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