Monday, March 7, 2011

The blessing of family & friends...

Yesterday was such a blessing to us...

When our family skyped us last night (right after church - 11:45 am, Lebanon), not only did we get to see our kiddos and my parents but we got to see so many friends from church. Seeing our preacher, Terry & his wife, Becky and the half a dozen other friends was a boost to our morale. It is nice to see familiar faces and to speak complete sentences in English. I feel like the longer I'm hear the more broken my English is. Joe said he had adream the other night in Latvian and he couldn't understand his dream. lol :)

This morning we got a short visit from Daina. She came by to have us sign documents for court tomorrow. We also presented her with her gift. The first thing was a package of misc. scrapbook paper. She was so excited to get new pages. She opened the gift bag to find pink & blue binder clips (she was glad to get a color besides black, I told her she could use to tell apart boy & girl adopions), blue pens, sticky notes, signature/page tabs and journal. They were pratical gifts but we hoped they would be useful for her to use in the future. Daina is such a wonderful woman. She is sick right now and yet she keeps going. Today she is working with 3 different families and going into court. I am so thankful for a woman that loves these children and is just as excited for us that things are going well and just as hurt/sad when things don't pan out. She gets her boys involved with her adoptions through driving and translating ~ she does it so they can see the love that moms & dads have for these children. She wants them to better husbands and fathers. To instill a compassion and passion in their lives/hearts.

We also gave her the coat we brought for Leigah. It didn't fit her as well as her nice coat that she came with. We figured there was a young girl out there that the coat would fit. She actually said that she thought that little girl named Alina could use it. She is the same height as Leigah but doesn't weigh as much. She said she would get the coat to her as soon as possible. We are giving her a bag of clothes that we brought but didn't fit Leigah. She can give them to Alina or to foster homes that she visits. We know that anything given is used for the children. Getting rid of these will make room for all the souvenirs and extras we have purchased while here.

Today we are taking it easy. Joe hasn't felt great the last few days. He has been coughing for the last week and on Saturday surrendered and started taking the antibiotic we brought with us. He isn't one to complain but doesn't want to end up with pneumonia. Between the Advil & antibiotics, he is pressing on. We may walk around town for a bit to break up the afternoon. I have started packing a few suitcases with things/clothes that we won't use this next week. I'm sure I'm jumpin the gun but it's easier to do it now and fill the time, then wait till the last moment.

Tomorrow we will head down to meet Daina to go to Orphan Court. The plan is that we will be given custody of Leigah until October 9th, 2011. This will give us plenty of time to get all the paperwork done, pre-post placement visit from our social worker back in Lebanon and travel for 2nd & 3rd trip. Inguna will possibly talk with Leigah right before we go in but Leigah will not talk during the court time because she is unde 12. As long as our 2nd trip is before June 15th, she will not travel with me on the 2nd trip. So, that's a huge prayer request, too!! She will have to go back to the 3rd trip to see the US Embassy Doctor but it will be a short trip because she has already seen Leigah and we will just give any update and show her shot record.

Well, that's all for now! Only 5 more days & we are America bound!!!! PTL!!!

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