Friday, March 11, 2011

Our last hoorah in Riga!

Our morning started out like normal but then the cleaning and "wrappin up" began. It was funny to watch Leigah's excitement level rise as we took pictures down, removed labels, and packed the suitcases. It's like it sealed the deal and that we were really leaving for America very soon.

After we debated whether to get out in the weather to go to Lido (it rained all night and then it was a mix of snow & rain all morning), we finally decided that we could go to Lido for lunch, feed the ducks our stale bread in the park near the US Embassy and then go to the Embassy between 3-4 to pick up Leigah's Passport/Visa. We took #7 Tram to the Lido stop.
While walking around the outside amusement section of Lido I heard English being spoken. Okay, I've said it before but when you hear your language being used it's such a rush to figure out who is talking. I looked at the lady and asked, "Are you all from America?" She smiled and said "Yes, Where are you from? Me: America!! Her: Ya I know, what state? Me: Oh, Lebanon, MO we're here for our adoption & you? Her: Charlotte, NC - oh, you're the family Daina was talking about!!! Thus starting our conversation that started at 11:30 and ended at 3:00. We went inside with Kirk & Beth Bleavins and their new daughter, Vanda, as well as Vanda's foster mom's son, Eddy. We sat together and shared a wonderful meal & conversation. Joe even had the opportunity to tell Eddy about Jesus and explain that being a christian is about a relationship with the Lord. Eddy was taught that his good works got him to heaven but that there was no hell. Anyway, Joe was in his element and having a hayday! Kirk, Beth, the girls and I talked about everything. Leigah became preoccupied with her camera and Vanda was doing Math flash cards on her dad's Droid, so it gave them a chance to talk about some of their great moments and some of their frustrations/struggles. They were not as fortunate as we were to have such an amazing apartment. They were in a 1-room hotel room for 2 weeks - no privacy, no private conversations, no space - you get the picture. It was a blessing for all to sit and just talk.

We got desserts in the middle of our time together and I got a mousse dessert that looked like a pig, in Latvian it is a Chukga Cuka, makes Leigah laugh when we say it.

After we said our goodbyes we quickly got a few pics of the beautiful windmill outside and then rushed to catch the next tram that would drop us off near the Freedom Monument, which is only a couple blocks from the Embassy.

We got to the Embassy before 4pm, which we were really nervous we were runny late. After we were done there, we took our time and walked to the park across the street to feed the ducks, pigeons and sparrows. These birds are so familiar with people that they walk right up to you and will even eat out of your hands, even the tiny sparrows.

After dinner Leigah skyped with her foster mom, Majia.

After that we skyped for the last time with our family in Lebanon. The next time we see them it will be in Springfield, MO. We will make a call from Chicago but we can't wait to actually see them and kiss their sweet faces. But above that, we can't wait to see the interaction between all of our kids. That will be the best moment and the one we've been waiting for. Only 51 more hours until we land in Springfield. Yeah!!!

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  1. Can't wait to hear how things are going at home! Post soon please!