Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just some thoughts!

Everyday we give you the play by play of how our days are going, what we do, how Leigah is doing... I do this because I really don't want to forget any moment or event. Yesterday was a really relaxed day. Not a whole lot happened ~ we went to another Cili Pica, we walked the Galeria Mall for excercise and got some groceries. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after dinner. We did buy another puzzle today. It is a 1000 piece puzzle of Riga. We thought that we would put it together here but could put it together again at home, seal and frame it for her room. But that's it... That was our day in a nutshell!

We've really had a good experience while staying in Latvia. We have tried to make it feel like a vacation and yet realistically show Leigah that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have fun. We laugh all the time. Sometimes it's because we have no idea what the other is saying and instead of being frustrated we just shrug our shoulders and giggle. Sometimes it's because my goofy husband draws a "George" face on his hand and talks to Leigah. She loves George. She tells George that he is crazy and deep down, she's right. (he he) We dance, sing and kick the bouncey ball around. We are working on our new puzzle, Leigah knits scarves (we had to buy more today) and we watch movies or old episodes of TV Series (we brought a good friend's external drive w/ hundreds of movies & episodes on it). We are tired but probably because we miss our own bed back at home. We miss our 3 kiddos back at home. We miss the routine of life. BUT... this is all worth every ounce of tired, every thing we miss and every luxury we are without. We are spending one-on-one time with our new daughter. This time with her is priceless. Our "bonding" time is good, not w/o moments (usually mine) but this is how life is ~ it's in those moments that God refines us. Plus, it's moments like today that when Joe used the IM Translator and asked her best moment in life and she typed, "MEETING MY MOMMA & DADDY"! 26 days away from all that is normal in your life to spend building a relationship with a precious child, YOUR CHILD ~ 100% WORTH IT!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be an uneventful day as well. We may go walking just to break up the time in the apartment & of course, excercie. :) Who knows but that's okay! This is our "vacation" and we are just building memories for her. Because honestly, everything we have done with her in the last 2 weeks are all firsts for her. Besides riding the tram! She was one up on us in that category!

That's all for now... Will chat with you later!!!
Love from Latvia!!!

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