Thursday, March 31, 2011

so sorry, it's taken soooo long!

So, I said I'd post every week until we traveled... Well, sorry life is just so crazy and we are down to one vehicle, so you'll get an update when ever possible.

But that's how life is, isn't it? Crazy busy and a few moments of slow down and wait...

Okay, so we have been home for nearly 3 weeks and honestly we are doing awesome. We've a few "moments", mostly mine but those were all about God stretching me into the mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister He wants me to be. BECAUSE all my issues/moments are about me and life isn't always about me - so I'm stretching. Anyhoo...Leigah is an amazingly smart young girl. She is a part of our family like she was always meant to be, if that makes sense? She's a night owl and definately not an early bird (at least in America, Latvia was a different story). She likes musicals and Pixar & Disney movies with music. She loves to be girly and laugh and enjoys to be tickled and to lightly tickle your face. She is learning English at such an amazing rate. Not always can she say "English" phrases but she understands SO MUCH!!! But it is fun when our non-english speaking daughter says things like, "What are you doing, Ethan?" and "Mommy, What is that/this?" She gets a kick out of phrases like, "Baby cakes" and "smart cookie" ~ both of which revolve around food of course but she would protest and say, "I'm no cookie" "Me not a cake!" We put in a Bible CD-ROM program on the computer (it's for Kindergarten/Early Elem) and she was glued to it. I didn't feel right pulling her away. Joe would ask who is this person, "Lazarus, Elijah, Moses, Joseph, Jesus"! She knows her Bible stories and was able to connect her "latvian Bible stories" to our "english Bible stories" and it was clicking. We have done math worksheets from pre-k to 5th grade to test where she is at. Because of her eyesight she is considerably behind. She knows her multiplication facts and simple division and can do most adding/subtracting problem but when you make them problems like 32 x 12 =.... She's lost. Why? Well, it's a spacial thing with her eyes and it's hard to do math when you see so little. She loves her magnifier that she was given by the Institution for the Prevention of Blindness. She loves to read her Latvian Animal Fairytale book and her Latvian Bible. During Sunday School, she reads her Bible because she doesn't understand the teacher. But she is still learning. Our worship leader is printing the lyrics out for her each week so that we can introduce her to the songs at home and so she can read them in a larger print. We have a powerpoint with the lyrics but she cannot see it clearly on most of the songs because of their backgrounds.

Next week, I start back to work... I really am excited but I'm not sure how Leigah will do with the change. Joe will come home during the afternoons so that I can go into work. We waited the 6 weeks for me to start back up and it will be good for me but I don't want to upset the basket with her, especially since we are doing so good!!!

In other news, I broke my foot last week. I thought I just broke my toe but apparently I broke the bone above that toe and will be in a boot for the next 6 weeks. Should be interesting...

Well, I must go. We have to get the kiddos to bed. Please pray for Miss Leigah, she does have a horrible cold right now. I'm not sure if it started out because of allergies, weather fluctuations, or caught it from someone but she is feeling pretty miserable. In all her paperwork it said she only struggled with her asthma when she had an upper-respritory infection and I think we are headed there. But for a sick kiddo she is so sweet. She was laying her head on Micah's shoulder while watching a movie tonight - so sweet.

Good night y'all!!!

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