Tuesday, September 13, 2011

US Embassy!!!!

No one wanted to get out of bed today. But I really wanted to talk with Ann before the headed out for Daugauvpils. I quickly got dressed, brushed my hair into a ponytail (which was interesting because the curls were so tight from the rain storm that I looked like Orphan Annie on Steroids!) I wasn't hungry but knew it would be easier to wait in the breakfast area with a cup or two of coffee than stand outside their door. I must have dozed because I didn't even hear or see them come in until Ann in a strange accent said, "may we join you?" Ok, I'm awake now!!!

We talked over coffee or tea and a lite breakfast. We headed back to our rooms around 8:45, they packed their travel bags and went to the lobby to wait for their cab. I attempted to wake the girls but they weren't budging. So I laid down to read and fell asleep until 10:50. Breakfast ends at 11 and I was suppose to pick up Leigah's passport after 11... we were gonna have to get moving. I went back down and grabbed the girls a hot cup of water for each of them (for hot cocoa) and more coffee for me. Toasted a few pieces of bread and slathered butter on. The girls showered, quickly ate and we dashed out the door. The passport was ready and we were in and out in less than 10 mins.

The walk back was much more relaxed and not as rushed.

We exchanged money at the bank and the girls tried to be very patient because it takes forever to do so.

We grabbed a few pastries and peragies at a nearby cafe. We looked at the time and realized we were running late again. But Micah kept stopping for pictures:

Daina and Arvils were going to be at our place to pick us up for the Embassy in just a few minutes. So we became speed walkers!!!

The new US Embassy is no longer easily accessed from the main part of Riga. It has recently been moved by the airport. It is very nice inside but looks much like a prison on the outside. Daina had gone their earlier today and dropped off all the necessary paperwork besides what I had. I gave our notarized income verification (hubby is a minister and they have untaxed housing allowance, so it looked like we were making thousands of dollars less than what we make - almost stopped adoption at one point but this paper cleared it all up), Joe's notarized copy of his passport and the Joe's notarized signature on the Acknowledgement of health concerns/issues. We waited about 25-30 minutes and we were approved for Leigah's immigrant visa. We will go back tomorrow between 3-4 to pick it up and then we are officially done with the adoption besides making it in the states and past customs. As soon as Leigah steps on US Soil she will have a US citizenship status, as well as a Latvian citizenship. She will have this until she is 18 and at that time will need to choose a country of citizenship.

We are happy this is over but fall more in the tired and cranky category. Hoping to sleep in and really have no plans for the day tomorrow other than to pick up Embassy paperwork. We are trying to set up a time to meet with Leigah's foster mom, Maija and the children in her home but so far it hasn't worked out. We have all afternoon tomorrow and all day Thursday.

I'm heading to bed y'all! The pictures throughout this post were ones Micah took on our walk this morning. Some are the Embassies for other countries - we'd love to show you the Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian and American but none of them allow pictures to be taken!!!! So hope you enjoyed the random pics. Micah really likes the Art Nouveau style and the moldings on the buildings.

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