Sunday, September 4, 2011

As we get closer to the finish line......

...I'm getting tired but excited for this 3rd & final trip. This last trip will make Leigah an all-American girl and as soon as she steps off the plane in Chicago she will be a US citizen. Leigah is counting the days and gives us the daily reminder actually several times a day. We have plans for meeting up with her foster mom, Maija, visiting 2 orphanages, visit with embassy approved Dr, visa/passport interview & pick-up, a trip by train to Jurmala (Baltic sea town) and officially meeting an adoption networking friend, Ann. Micah will celebrate her 14 birthday there, too!

As far as school goes, we are doing so well. Leigah had officially started schoolwork and is off to a good start. On Tues, the VI (visually impaired) teacher is coming over to do assessments on her. This wonderful lady is super exited that Leigah is home-schooled and that we are wanting help for her. We will find out after our trip their plans for her with the school district. This week we will add Math & Phonics. She is memorizing the pledge of allegiance in history. Its interesting to find out that Latvia does have a country song that is sung at ball games, Latvia's birthday but no pledge of allegiance.

On the home front, the kids are not excited for school to start because they can't be bumps on a log.

Until we are there....

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