Monday, September 12, 2011

Dr. Appt., a trip to Lido and emotions!!!

That was an interesting nights sleep! Anyway...

Daina got here a little early and we headed down to see her. The trip to the Dr.'s office took about 3 mins because it's literally just a few blocks from here. We handed over all the medical documents we had and she reviewed them, filled out all our documents for the US Embassy. Leigah was supposed to give a urine sample and for my child that usually has to use the restroom at least 1-2 times/hour ~ SHE COULDN'T GO!!! So while waiting for them to finish the paperwork, we headed to the cafe in the building we were in, which by the way is: The World Trade Center Riga! We enjoyed coffee or Coke till Leigah's bladder was full!! We went back to the office so she could do her business and the secretary could finish the last line of paperwork.

From there we went a few blocks down the road to the Latvian Republic office for a new passport for Leigah that has her new name. It was a very easy process, especially since Daina is there with you. The funniest part is because it is a Latvian Passport and I'm mom ~ I had to write a sentence in Latvian stating that I agree with all the dates and names. They said I wrote latvian very well (they did have a cheat sheet)! The lady thtat helped us told me to return tomorrow after 11am.

We quickly returned to our place, Daina came and got the suitcase full of jeans, hoodies and sweatshirts for the orphanage in Jurmala. She was headed there with another adopting family. We also brought a bag of "dum-dum" suckers and a couple jump ropes for the children. We checked in on the Kimmel crew but they were not there. We changed clothes and headed to the trolley bus/tram stop and rode #7 to Lido on the other end town.

Lido is a cafeteria style restaurant and the servings are ginormous. So we picked 2 meat choices, french fries and mashed potatoes,

Peragi for each of the girls

strawberry pancake, banana pancake and a ham & cheese pancake (this one isn't shown).

The girls thoroughly enjoyed eating in the old, medieval style restaurant. The food was yummy and they were so concentrated on their food, they didn't even know I was busy taking their pictures. :)

We were too full to eat dessert but they are so pretty and not very expensive desserts, so I let each of the girls pick their favorite visually and had them boxed to go. We walked around the complex but the sky started to get really dark and we decided we should head for the tram stop.

A few minutes after we got on the tram, the rain started. Then we had about 8-9 blocks to walk and the rain came down in sheets. By the time we reached our place Micah had given up on her umbrella, even though we had one Leigah and I were drenched.

After changing into dry PJ's, we spent the next 3+ hours with the Kimmel family. The young girls watch cartoons and us adults gabbed about everything from home school - adoption - organization skills. We finally gave up and went to bed around 11pm. The Kimmel crew had to get up early the next morning to head to Daugavpils for their adoption court on Wednesday. They had to take the express bus from Riga to Daugavpils, which is at least a 3 hour bus ride.

The girls brushed their teeth finally and went to bed and here I am writing this. I am missing my boys. I can't wait to hold them in my arms on Saturday night. I know they are enjoying hanging out in their boxers but still have to do school work. Right now I am really struggling with lots of stuff. Besides jet-lag, I had a tooth pulled surgically before leaving and I think I have a dry socket. The only things you can do for it is: salt-water rinse, antibiotics and pain meds ~ Check, check check! But in addition to that: Leigah had a weird day today. She is normal inquisitive but never intentionally disobedient but today she has a talkative spirit without filter and has directly disobeyed me on more than a handful of occasions. I'm not sure if she is insecure because we are here, tired, just hormonal or a combination of all and more. So I'm missing my other, better half - in pain - tired beyond belief - and dealing with a mess of a 12 year old. I have really gone out of my way to be snugly, encouraging and complimentary but she is struggling. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Guess we will see...

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