Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knowing that our plans were almost non-existent, we slept as long as possible today. I ended up doing the same thing as yesterday but this time I also brought up bowls & spoons so the girls could at cereal we brought. We watched a movie & some cartoons on TV and then called for a cab to take us to the Embassy. As I said it is a new building & the taxi driver didn't have a clue where it was and even though she had the address, she got semi-lost, on my dime! There are 3 entrances and we hit dropped off at the delivery one...needless to say, we got back in the cab and she drove to the other entrances. We asked her to wait because it was only going to take 5-10 minutes. We went on & waited, when a last walked in with very good english and I asked if get name was Shelly (because Shelly was supposed to pick up visas for her two boys they were adopting.) The huge grin told me yes and we embraced each other. You know, there is a bond between adopting families that can't be completely understood by everyone else, so the hug was a natural response. For the next several minutes we talked until my name was called and I was given Leigah's travel documents to give to the authorities in Chicago. She gave me the citizenship low-down and I asked a few questions...but not without bawling - for soooooo many reasons! We are done #1, she is officially our daughter & we are headed home!

When we arrived back at the B&B we cleaned up and headed back out to meet with Maija, Leigah's foster momma. She came with Valdis & little Kate. We went to a nice Italian restaurant and truly enjoyed each others company. Leigah alled Maija to tell me how to make her favorite soup, so when we were she with dinner she walked with us to the grocery store and pointed out all the ingredients. A few I'm not certain we have at home, so I bought them. After many hugs and pictures, we headed back.

Ann and fam showed up shortly after we did (9:45) and the adults talked & laughed ourselves to tears in one room and the girls watched a movie in the other. Around 1 am, we figured we should head to bed. But of course I'm writing this, so it's considerably later!!

More tomorrow!!!

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