Friday, September 9, 2011

Purpose of 3rd trip

What is the point of 3rd Trip?
* Visit with Embassy approved Dr. Caunes to verify medical records, immunizations and recognize any health concerns to notify the Embassy. Possible xray for older children and immunizations if not caught up. For future Latvian travelers: Have your child drink lots of fluids before go to the doctor. They have to give a urine sample and if empty bladder doesn't halt the process, nerves will.
* Visit Latvian Passport Office to get a new Latvian Passport with new name. We will pick up Passport the next day. Latvia recognizes the child as a citizen of Latvia and of United States - they will continue to have dual-citizenship until 18 where the child must decide where they want their citizenship to lie - Latvia or USA (unless Latvia law changes by then and states they can maintain dual-citizenship, which is actually possible.
* Go to US Embassy to give all documents from Dr. Caunes, I-800A, etc. to obtain immigrant visa.
* Pick up Visa the following day.

It's really not a long trip and as long as flights work out for you, you only have to be in country 3-4 days.

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