Monday, January 25, 2010

Waiting... (from Brenna)

WAITING...It's so hard! You hurry up and finish this bit of paperwork; get these documents taken care; fill out this essay about your life. All this while still waiting! But every minute, hour, day or week is one step closer to your child. I can only imagine that the times of waiting will melt away when you finally have him/her in your arms!
I've been told several times before that "adoption" is a process of hurry up and wait! I've heard and didn't really think anything of it, until we started this process. I watch as friends wait for the day they fly to Latvia to get their two young girls. I've watched as another friend waits for the courts to make a decision about her little girl in Kazikstan; a decision that will benefit this precious baby. I'm watching yet another friend as she waits to be moved down the list for her little baby from Ethiopia.

A friend of mine said that this will definately refine the virtue of patience in us. If you look the word patience up, you'll find a definition that doesn't sound like what you hear everyone talking about. Patience means perserverance! To press on and keep going in spite of the waiting and difficulties that may arise. Patience takes on a whole new meaning for me when I look at it that way.

We are blessed by the family and friends that are supporting us through this amazing and life-changing time in our lives. We are blessed to have found Christian agencies to work with while we wait for our Meggie!

Okay, Random thought/info.: We were able to get Meggie's address yesterday and sent off our first letter her today. We found a web-site that translates our English text to Latvian. So she will understand what we have written. The last time I wrote a letter to her, I apparently didn't put the right symbols around the vowels and instead of saying, "we have four dogs", she read "Daddy eats the dogs". Hopefully, this time, there will be no confusion!

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  1. I miss you guys and love reading about your adoption process. I will be praying for your family as you go through this awesome and heart wrenching experience!