Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First big step of faith

So it begins. We've told God that we are going to trust Him, and now is the part where the rubber meets the road. There is a $200 application fee, $2,500 mandatory donation (finders fee), and a $1,500 home study fee. These are what actually gets the ball rolling. Before these things are done, it is all just talk.

We have our support letters written and a list of God's children to send them to. Note: If you want to be on that list, give me you address:)!!! My email is shccjoe@socket.net. Remember it doesn't have to be a huge donation, it can be 5, 10, or 20 dollars just whatever you can spare. But remember the more you spare the sooner we get Meggie! We have even bought the envelopes for the support letters. Now the fun part of addressing them begins.

One thing you might face in this process if you ever choose to adopt is, PRIDE. Your pride will get in the way and you will fall into the trap of self-effort to come up with the funds. Remember if this happens, you might get the money saved, but it will probably be after they turn 16 and are kicked out of their orphanage to allow younger kids to come in. Their chance of learning what Jesus did for them and turning their life over to him drops immensely.

Their is a children's movie called, "Up" and in it this couple want to build a house near this beautiful water fall. They start saving their money, but everytime they get some saved something happens. The car breaks down, they need a new roof, medical bills, etc. Before they know it they are old and the wife dies and they never got to fulfull their dream. This happens in real life everyday, don't let it happen to you. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to adopt, suck up your pride and let Him use His children (you and me) and resources to do it.

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