Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living Vicariously through the Tuckers...

We are here in the states, while our good friends, The Tuckers are in Latvia. They have now been reunited with their girls and had their court "experience" by now. It's bedtime and I know that are excited about tucking their girls in and kissing them goodnight.

It is truly a joy to read their blog and feel like I'm there. I look at all their comments and prepare myself for our journey in the late summer - early fall. I'm not going to try to rush the time but can't wait till we are there.

We got our Highway Patrol Fingerprinting done today. Very exciting...just one step closer to our little girl. Doing all these things to prepare has given me opportunities to talk about adoption. There are so many people that are ignorant about it or just fear child trafficing but I've had the chance to inform so many people about the joys and struggles with adoption.

That's all for now. Anxiously waiting the next update from The Tuckers.

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