Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Study Part I ... By Brenna

***Random AWESOME Info: We got a call on Thursday from our Adoption Agency and they said that Meggie has been told that we were the ones adopting her and she was excited about it. That's important because if she wasn't excited, there would be no point pursuing all of this... Why? Meggie has already gone before the court and was asked if she wanted to live with her bio. mom or go to foster care. She chose foster care. She was 7 when she appeared before the judge. If they will allow her at 7 to make a life-changing decision like that, they would do it at 9/10. So... PRAISE GOD! That's huge!

So... we had our first taste of "home study-itis". The nerves were overwhelming for me... for Joe, he just kept cleaning ----EVERYTHING! But whatever works to calm his nerves that he says don't exist!

Anyway, first of all let me say that we are so blessed to be working with an Christian Placing Agency, Home Study Agency and Social Worker!!!!! I didn't realize how important that really was until I had to answer why we were adopting. The answer? "After praying for forever family, God laid it on our hearts!" Or when it was just a frustrating couple of days and I talked to our Placing Agency and she asked if I was giving it to God.

Second, the social worker is not only a christian but has adopted 3 children, as well. She understands the nerves and the fear of telling every last detail about yourself. Both Joe and I really liked and felt a connection with Kimberly, our social worker. She could not only talk with us as a professional but as one that has experienced adopting an older child. She counseled us on the risks, concerns and joys of internationally adopting an older child. We were very comfortable with being ourselves with her.

As stated in the previous post, we worked hard at making our home "safe" so that we could pass the inspection. Not every social worker or HS agency requires such changes but ours did and WE PASSED!!!!! Meggie will be sharing a room with Micah. So, their beds, closet, number of escape windows and adequate room to play & live where all checked and Approved.

We have schedule another visit but this time it will be in Springfield at the Library Center. We will be in a room and she will have private interviews with everyone in the house. Some of the things that I can imagine that she will ask to the kids are: "How do you feel about your parents adopting another child?" "How is that a good thing?" "How is that a bad thing?" "How do your parents discipline you?" Just to name a few!

Okay, I've gone on long enough! Have a blessed day! 2 Tim. 1:7

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