Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping in Touch!

We wanted to keep in touch to let you know that we are still plugging away with the adoption. We had everything notarized that needed to be. We are trying to patiently wait for our taxes to be done so that we can pay for the next couple steps in the process. We are also talking with the bank re: a home equity loan. We would be able to consolidate the little debt we have and come up with some extra funds for our adoption. Pray about that matter, we have only been in our home for a few months but we bought it for considerable less than it's value.

We sent a Valentines box to Meggie with goodies for her and the rest of the children at her foster home. We also were able to put a letter in there saying that we were wanting to adopt her. She will hear/read in directly from us. She will read that we know that she was meant to be our little girl. That Micah is so excited to have her be her little sister. When the lady at the post office asked the box's value... I had to pause... PRICELESS! Not the $8 worth of goodies but that precious note that she will hold in her hands telling her that she is wanted and loved. That we can't wait to have her home in America with us.

Okay, gotta stop crying and keep typing! We want to thank everyone for your prayers, encouragement and financially help. We KNOW that God is faithful and will provide. He knows our hearts and our desires to have Meggie with us. He also is the Daddy to this little girl and wants the best for her, so I truly believe that in His timing He will get her here. AND... His timing is perfect!

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