Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where to begin?

So today started just like yesterday...slowly get up, shower, get dressed & go eat a typical Latvian breakfast. After returning to my room, brush teeth, check emails while laying in bed, accidentally fall asleep...I woke to the sound of Daina knocking on my door. I love Daina and her incredible smile. After giving her a huge hug she came in to check out the place I'm staying to see if she would recommend this place to future traveling families. And yes, she would!

Cathy & the girls brought their extra luggage to my room and we all piled into Daina's SUV and away we went to Jelgava. This town us about an hour away. We were headed for the Palace that has been renovated to its original character of 1770's. We started our small walk to the palace and decided to use the restrooms that were on the way. All of us but Haley went in. I thought I had locked the door but apparently not because a 60+ year old man walked right in. I don't know who was more shocked him or me?! So in a very freaked out moment he tried to slam the door...but my purse was hanging on the handle and got stuck. Then he quickly tried another one, which Cathy was in-holding the door for all she was worth. Then he tried another, where Lindsey had apparently thought she locked the door but luckily for her, her reaction time was WAY quicker than mine. The hysterical laughter from his family, Daina & Haley was too much!! Daina says I have him a memory he will never forget-poor man!

We'd barely begun our day and we already had an awesome memory....
Anyway, for the next 2+ hours we walked around this palace and the outside garden. Everything was breath taking...What it's weird though & messes with your brain is how light it is outside. We loaded back up & headed to the town where Daina lives & went to her favorite restaurant... Super yummy, wonderful conversation and we were there so long that Daina asked us to her home. She stopped at the small market in town, picked up ice cream, tea & CocaCola. lol We were given a tour of her beautiful garden, home and sweet puppy dogs. We had an afternoon snack, so we thought but maybe an hour later we were leaving & it was already 8 pm but looked like maybe 5:30-6. We drive to our hotel in Jelgava, dropped off our luggage & headed to Cili Pica. We returned to the hotel around 10:30(ish) and quickly prepared for bed.

I got to talk to Joe & Keegan; Keegan left for CIY. I really miss their faces and talking with them everyday!!! But only 3 more days until I can be with them.

Tomorrow its court. I am still anxious but not as much because Daina talked to me about the procedure. I will let you know tomorrow.

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