Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 2nd trip is underway & so far so good!
I left Springfield @6:30 am and arrived in Latvia @7:45 am Missouri time. There were a few delays but nothing major & I never had to run to a plane. I took the Baltic Air van to the B&B for only 3Lats. They are available at the airport & your hotel every 25 mins. .

My B&B is comfortable and quiet. I did get a little nervous when we piled up because there was graffiti on the front of the building but I honestly feel safe. It is a non-smoking establishment. Like most places in Latvia there, it doesn't have AC. But it wasn't uncomfortable at all because temps are in the 70's with a cool breeze. This morning I woke up wondering what breakfast would be....they had hard-boiled eggs, lham & cheese, freshly sliced veggies, sausage, today and free lattes! It was interesting and I wanted to just sit there and take it all in because no one was from Latvia. The couple I ate with were from Spain and we laughed alot without saying much because a bee flew in the window & decided he liked our table best.

After arriving yesterday, I cleaned up a bit and walked about 2 miles to one of many Double Coffees. I met Cathy & her girls there. Cathy's oldest daughter never slept on the plane & was struggling to stay awake but had such a great attitude. We decided to head back to our separate places because it started to drizzle. I made a stop for a fresh flower to put in my room and another to get some bottled water.

I didn't have any problems getting to sleep but woke up around 3am. I played a few games on my phone & then went back to sleep from 4-9.

Todays plans are to walk to the nearest perfume store. They are all over the town and their products are made in Latvia and are not too expensive. I may make it to the market but really have no plans.

Nothing too exciting going on. Until tomorrow night...

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