Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outta here...for now!!

Did most of my packing Tuesday night, so I was ready pretty quickly after breakfast. I had to exchange just enough money to pay for shuttle today & taxi the next time. I walked down a block & down another 3 to get to the bank. I also got a few things at the market for home. Leigah loves the black bread they have in Latvia. It's more than traditional rye/black bread, it also is sticky & sweet with molasses. I also picked up some candy, too.

My arrival to the airport was uneventful which is always nice. I finished checking in just about the time Leigah's foster mom showed up. She came with a flash drive of pictures of Leigah, medical & school documents. I have her pictures to take home. We talked a little longer and than she had to go.

I to my gate, waited & then boarded my flight to Prague. Easy flight with some turbulence but we made it there alive. T the next 19 hours were interesting as I waited for the next flight to Atlanta. I found a place to easy that had cushy booths but was closing their service area and made a pillow out of my purse & a T shirt. When I feel asleep around midnight I was the only one there. When I woke up around 4, there were at least 12. Guess I started a trend. Got up and changed clothes, deoderized and fixed my hair. There was a grocery store in the airport with fresh pastries & fruit, so I got both + a bottle of drinkable yogurt. good!!!

My plane to Atlanta took of off on time at 11:05 am & was okay. My legs & feet started swelling & getting but I was next to the window and I didn't want to wake the college guy up every hour!! Our drank a lot pic water and never had a lot of salt but my ankles look like elephant ankles. I'm currently waiting in Atlanta airport for my final leg of this journey. Only 2 more hours and I'm homeward bound. YEAH!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

At least the next trip I will have the girls. This trip was awesome besides the travel because I was so blessed to be able to spend extra time with Daina & Cathy. It gave me ideas for the next trip!!! Will keep you posted for any new things in our life. As of right now we travel from Sept 8-17. Unless prices go down!!

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