Friday, October 22, 2010

Things are changing ....

I have tried to write at least 10 posts since Sept 11 and each won`t post and it was getting so frustrating. So I`m praying that this one will post and I am able to relay a few of the changes that are taking place in our adoption!

We were told during the 1st week in Sept that Meggie`s dad was appealing his loss of parental rights. Over the next 2-3 weeks she was fine but the calls and emails were shorter & more strained. Then on one of our weekly phone calls she wouldn`t talk at all but we tried to ask questions and she continued to be silent. Until she started talking in Latvian with her Foster Mom and then got back on the line & said she didn`t want us to adopt her. She said she wanted America but not us. We have written her in Latvian, had our Latvian Lawyer call her foster family, we`ve tried to call back but she is standing her ground & is maintaing that she doesn`t want us to adopt her. The Orphan Court is now involved and we are waiting for their report.

Although we are waiting for the report, we having been praying for God`s leading. We have spoken with our agency & have started looking at other options.

We have always felt that she was our little girl. She has chosen that she doesn`t want that to be. We don`t to force her to be our daughter and by all intense & purposes, we can`t, she has the final say. We will continue to love her whether she lives in America with us or another family or if she is in Latvia. The time she spent with us this summer will not be in vain. Seeds were sown and she was shown an example of a functional, loving family. She was coming to understand what sin was & how it effects not only us but those around us.

Anyway, the decision to look forward has been tough but done with lots of prayer (and of course, tears)! This is not easy & we ask for your prayers! Our children are all dealing with the rejection in different ways but Micah is having the hardest time "dealing"! They don`t understand why and neither do we!

Please also pray for Meggie... she is making an immature, life changing decision. She doesn`t understand how this is going to change things for her.

I will do my best to keep you posted as things change or if she changes her mind.

Until next time!

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