Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Girls...

Our life without Meggie just seems so dull in comparison. She is "the energy" that unsettles life, "the giggle" that makes you laugh when least expected, "the snoop" that gets into everything because she has never seen it or experienced it before and she is "the missing child" I never knew was missing until now!

I got to talk on the phone with Meggie yesterday for about 20 mins. She says she is doing good and school is going fine. She was playing with Inessa (foster sis) and her 2 bio sisters, Victorija and Kitija. She had a hard time hearing because she was in the same room as everyone else and they were kinda loud. So, I heard "what" alot! She put Inessa on the phone for a little bit and it was sweet to hear her voice. She also put her sisters on the phone, who by the way, speak NO English, at all! Interesting situation! We giggled a lot because of not being able to relay what I was trying to say, many times. She asked if I would call her again today because she wanted to talk to Micah on her birthday. So we called again today. She spoke with Micah for all of 45 seconds and they were both kinda frustrated because of the language barrier. You have to call with the thought that you will "what" alot and not be able to convey all that you really wanted to say. She's not a big talker, either. So it's fairly one-sided. If you met her in person, she is miss-gabs-alot but not on the phone. While here, the only way reason she wasn't talking was if she was mad, in trouble, eating or sleeping! Get the picture?

Well, in other news...
Micah turned 13 today! Last night Joe took her out on a daddy/daughter date to a restaurant in a cave. She loves steak but we never allow her to order it because we have plenty of steak at home, but she was able to order a steak and enjoy. This was meant to be a special night out, one where she will remember it and expect equal or greater treatment from the man she will one day be married to. Joe presented her with a purity/covenant ring. The ring is a family ring that we had sized, cleaned and the stone switched with her birthstone, which is sapphire (and her favorite stone because it's blue). It's a beautiful 14K gold ring with a oval sapphire center. On each side is a heart with 3 diamonds (chips, really). It looks so beautiful on her long slender fingers. She also signed a contract/agreement to wait till she is married to be sexually active. The committment is not only to God and us, but to her future husband and children. I'm so proud of the young lady she has become. She's not perfect by any means but she is such a responsible, sweet, reliable, loyal, tenderhearted and humble young lady! I once told someone that if your daughter could be your best friend, Micah would certainly be mine. She is so excited to have a younger sister and has come to realize that my love won't be divided, rather multiplied and given to both, as well as the boys!
Anyway, she woke up late and because we really have celebrated all week her birthday, she said "I know I won't be getting any presents on my actual birthday but can I have breakfast in bed?" ABSOLUTELY! So this morning I served her 2 Large chocolate chip pancakes w/ syrup and 4 slices of bacon with a large cup of Strawberry/Chocolate Milk! She smiled from ear to ear!

Well, I think I've written way too much! Just thought I'd write what else is going on because we are still waiting...We are almost 1/2 way through September ~ good news to me!

Until next time...

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