Thursday, September 2, 2010

I don`t even know what to title this....

I spoke with Cathy again and she explained everything. Meggie`s father is appealing the loss of rights but as I said before it shouldn`t affect our adoption. The court system is skipping the lower level courts & going to highest level to get things taken care of. "Father" is unemployed, living with bio. mother who is pregnant again (all 3 of their children have been taken away because she is a severe alcoholic, and the 2 younger ones have FEtal alcohol syndrome. As well as several pregnancies have not gone to term with awful outcomes). AND he has only contacted Meggie one time in two & half years. The date is set & cannot be changed to an earlier date. I don`t want to push~they may decide to move it further out. Cathy told us to prepare for Jan/Feb for travel dates. My heart is so sad but know that this is part of the journey God has laid out for us. The wonderful roller coaster of emotions continues. Meggie knows about her father and is really upset. She cannot understand why he would do this. (Neither can we, for that matter)

So, I listen to the song that keeps me going! I read God`s word & find truths in there that comfort me, change me and cause me to move! I am enjoying family, the little things that we do together. I`m meeting new adopting moms that are in the same boat as our family, I watch as friends bond with their little girl for several weeks and other friends bring their daughter home for good tomorrow! God is good ~ ALL THE TIME! His ways are not mine and I have to get on my knees & praise the Father that loves Meggie more than I could ever imagine~that has her written in the palm of His hand! He knows all of our heartache and He`s lifting us up!

Until next time....


  1. Beautiful post. I'm holding you up in prayer. I went thru something similar 5 years ago. You put it perfectly -- He has her written in the palm of His Hand.

  2. Brenna, We are praying for you and for Meggie. I am so sorry you (and others) are going through this. It isn't easy... I pray God richly blesses you and sweet Meggie in the delay!