Monday, October 25, 2010


Let this begin with a huge Thank You for your prayers & letters of encouragement.

But I also have to give all the glory to Jesus Christ who is the ultimate comforter and healer of broken hearts. He has made it possible to talk about what is going on and not break down. He has began the process of healing for myself, Joe and the kids. It is obvious that people are praying because I can see a dramatic change in Micah. She still doesn't care to be around when someone asks me what is going on in the adoption but she is opening up more and isn't crying as much!

On Saturday afternoon, Micah and I cleaned her room, but more specifically we cleaned Meggie's side of their closet. We organized and through trash away. But this opened the door for Micah to start asking questions and "deal" with all the junk/rejection. God is good!

So here we are waiting again... But this time we are waiting for news on another young girl. We have lots of questions we are still waiting for our agency to answer but she has to wait for the Latvian Lawyer to get back to her. Until we know more or are able to say more... please pray for this young girl. She is 11 and she has long, blond hair and wears glasses. She's actually built a lot like Micah and her bio is like reading Micah's bio! WEIRD!

So as we receive more info. we will fill you in.

Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement. God is moving & we're gonna step back and watch His handiwork!

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