Sunday, May 1, 2011

We are doing good and learning to adjust to having a new member of the family. Because everything is new or newer, we repeat a lot. Leigah is picking up on english and continues to surprise us with new phrases. Everyday we work on "routine" - get up, make your bed, get dressed, straighten your room, brush your hair, fed your animal (Leigah has had the same one for 5 weeks because she can't remember to feed and water the birds without her sibling partner reminding her - routine), eat breakfast, brush teeth and start school work. Everyday its the same thing, over and over again. But she is getting so used to doing it, she doesn't need reminding. Which this mom loves! We have had no problems with eating or sleeping, no issues of defiance, and no noticeable issues with attachment or lack of it. She is not perfect or lacking in annoying tendencies. But she is our daughter and much like her three siblings! They ask have days where they annoy each other our us parents, there are days when they something wrong but on the end - so what...they are our beautiful children. God has blessed its with for children that are alot alike and yet so different.

I have tried to download pics from my phone and it doesn't work (at least for me). I quill go to Joes office and try to download homecoming pics, easter egg hunt, and easter day pics!

Now that we have been home for 7 weeks, we can look back at our trip to Latvia and see that 26 days is a long time but it gave us the chance to get to know Leigah on her turf. The leaving the kids part was awful but God took care of is. My kids are not forever traumatized from our lengthy stay. They, of anything have learned to appreciate us more and not take for granted that we will always be there. They are more prepared for me to go on our second trip but maybe that has to do with Joe is going to be home.

Are there days when I'm exhausted and just want to crawl into bed and try to forget that ou hage for children that still need me? Yep but it doesn't last too long and I am reminded how previous a gift each one is and how blessed that they call me mom!

Until next time!

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