Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Today is one of those days where I look back at my life as a mom and realize I sure wish there was a handbook for parenting each individual child. I probably would have ignored some of the stuff because really that's more my personality (I like to do things MY WAY sometimes) but it would have been nice. But... then I think that I wouldn't know my children the way I'm supposed to. Each child that I live with is unique and each one has things that annoy or delight me. Let me tell you about each one from my eyes:

Keegan Thomas Friend, born October 19, 1995 came into this world with babies for parents. We were so young and so unsure of what we were doing but he thrived. Keegan is a hard worker just like his dad. He enjoys spending time with Joe learning new things and experiencing the life of a pastor. He is driven to succeed!!! Keegan is also so compassionate (when he wants to be). He has a soft heart and cares for his family, very much! He is also a protector. He wouldn't let anyone hurt his siblings (other than him) or his family. He walks with his sisters to the restroom at Wal-Mart, just to be sure no one takes them. Keegan has a lot of energy but as he matures he is showing great self-control and strength. Keeg is also incredibly smart and loves to help his sister with her math! Praise the Lord!

Micah Briane Friend, born September 11, 1997. Micah took her time coming into this world. She had to be sure she was done. She is a laid back, sensitive and yet very outgoing. Micah is probably my best friend, besides Joe and I enjoy spending time with her, whether it's heading to the doctors, going grocery shopping or just sitting next to her while we both are deep into reading a good book. Micah loves the written word. She can't wait to read the next conflict or hilarious moment in her book. Micah is so good with little chilren, even though she doesn't think so. As I said, Micah is sensitive and has such compassion for those that are hurting or all alone. She is the one to find the lone ranger out there and befriend them.

Leigah Allana Friend, born June 15, 1999 to Oksana Lukasove, a mom of two premature babies that were struggling to hang on to life. Leigah has only been in our lives for almost 2 months but she fits so perfectly that it seems like she always been there. Leigah is so happy, easily entertained and happy (did I already say that?). She loves life and loves to laugh. In fact her initials are LAF, Laugh?! That's her in a nutshell. She is working so hard a learning english and how to "fit" in this strange, new world. She is very sensitive, too. But has a great sense of humor. Leigah completes our family, like the last piece of a puzzle completes the puzzle! She sings, dances and laughs all day long!

Ethan Troy Friend, born November 26, 1999, the day after Thanksgiving that year. Compassion...That's Ethan! He is a sensitive soul and he is the snuggler, lover. Ethan loves to play games and interact with his siblings all the time. He is thoughtful and considerate of those he's around and when he goes to a friend's house, they often say how well behaved he is, which makes us so proud. Ethan has always struggle with school but he has never let that get him down. At each milestone for school, he would want to display his accomplishment to the whole family. This year he has "wowed" us with all that he has done. In fact, we are 2 weeks from being done with school and he has been done with English and Science for 2 weeks. He has been doing 3-4 lessons in Math to get done quickly.

I am so proud of my children and how the have grown into amazing young adults. I pray that they grow into adults that Love the Lord with all their hearts and will one day meet a person to fall in love with that also Loves the Lord with all their hearts.

***Adoption Update: I will travel around July 25th for the 2nd court with the Latvian High Court. This will make Leigah ours officially. We will have one more trip to Latvia. Leigah, Micah and I will travel for approximately 8 days to get all the US Citizenship paperwork done at the US Embassy. It will happen before Oct 9 because we have to be in Latvia by then per Leigah's Visa.

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