Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS, to my few followers!

Just thinking about how very thankful for the many things that have taken place in our life this year. I'm thankful for meeting Meggie, 1 year ago this week. I'm thankful for the joy that we had while being a part of her life. I'm sad that we no longer have the opportunity to be her parents but I know that God is watching over her. But He is also watching our other daughter, Liga during the holidays. She still doesn't know about the "Friend family" but I pray that God is preparing her heart to accept us and allow us to love her as our own!

We found out over the weekend that we will more than likely not get our travel dates until mid-late January, when our Latvian lawyer is back from vacation. I've told others that I truly believe she deserves this vacation but wish that it wasn't so long in the middle of our adoption. But what will probably happen is she will return and have the letter of invitation, as well as travel dates and we will travel almost immediately. That's my prayer anyway! Joe says to not have any expectations and therefore no disappointments but a momma can pray and hope, can't she?

We are excited about family coming today to spend the holiday with us. On Sat. we will get up and have our traditional Christmas breakfast of Fried Bread, we'll get ready and head over to help serve Christmas Dinner to those in our community. We'll return and have a relaxing afternoon, eat a wonderful Lasagna dinner and open Christmas presents! Joe preaches on Sunday, so I'm excited to hear him! He is such a powerful preacher and I really enjoy hearing him preach God's word!

I pray that you are warm and filled with JOY this Christmas. I know that so many have been hurt, abandoned or feel alone this year but God is with YOU and He is the ultimate healer & comforter!

We love you all and will keep you posted (as always)!

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