Wednesday, December 8, 2010

everything update...

Well, since we are waiting again... here's an update on everything else!

Joe is busy as ever; I think he prefers it that way, really. He's been chopping wood for the fireplace, building a bike path in our woods, calling on new families, teaching, preaching and most importantly being an incredible husband and daddy.

Keegan has been hard at work with Joe. He is becoming such a responsible young man. He works so hard and seems to enjoy the time he spends with his dad. He also likes earning "minutes" for the PS2 that a good friend let us borrow! He sometimes earns an hour and a half in household chores besides work with Joe.

Ethan is doing good. He turned 11 the day after Thanksgiving and was able to have a couple friends over all day Sat. The beat the tar out of each other with the giant boxing gloves (you know the ones you use with an inflatable ring?). They played with Legos & Bionicles and had (fake) sword fights! He too is enjoy the earned "minutes" for the PS2. He made a very responsible decision the other day to trade minutes in for a strike, rather than play time. If they get 3 strikes they no longer get to play with the PS2. Smart move on his part, he already had 2 strikes!

Micah is recovering well from surgery on Nov. 16th. She is still on crutches, which is longer than expected but she is an old pro with them. We go back on Dec. 20th for a 2nd post-op checkup. Hopefully, she'll be able to walk with just the boot.

We had our annual Live-Nativity this past weekend with our church. Takes dozens of people to make it work and it was a huge success! We had over 600 people drive through on Fri & Sat.

And last but not least, I am thankful for another year of life. I had my 37th birthday on Sat and it came & went like most days but yesterday it hit me, I'm in my upper 30's now and will be 40 in only 3 years. UGH! I'm getting things ready around the house for Christmas, traveling and school and also,the church christmas program. We will have our program on the 18th & 19th and I'm kinda ready for it be here.

Adoption news: we are still waiting travel dates. Our amended home study was sent to GA and rec'd on Thursday, Dec 2 and then overnighted to Latvia. Overnight really means 7-10 days but we are praying it gets there sooner. God knows that I'm ready but He also knows when it's best to travel. So... I'll on Him!

Until later...

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