Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm a little behind in posting my news but I've had a sick kiddo and haven't had the chance to get into Joe's office and blog.

So... let me back track a bit...

Thursday, March 4th: We got a heartbreaking email from Meggie. She is confused and just doesn't understand the whole concept of Adoption. In writing we cannot use the term "adoption" because it is interpreted as "we come to take you"! If that's not a scary statement I don't know what is. We emailed her back and explained that no matter how she is feeling, whether angry, sad, confused or apathetic, we were going to love her. We tried to let her know that we want her and care for her, NO MATTER WHAT!

Saturday, March 6th: We got to talk to Meggie! Her foster mom answered and was worried because Meggie doesn't speak English very well. It didn't matter to me, I just wanted to hear her voice. She sounds different thousands of miles away. After talking for several minutes, we got back on the phone with her foster mom. I asked how she really was doing and she said that Meggie is good and that she likes us. I said that Joe and I were the ones adopting her (just to make sure you knew) and she said, "We did not know this!" She said she would make sure Meggie kept writing and then said Goodbye! OKAY, so we have been emailing and writing all this time thinking that Meggie understood but apparently she didn't. Can you imagine the confusion she must have felt.

Sunday, March 7th: We got a great email from Meggie and she answered questions that she hadn't up to this point. Next to the first email, this was really long and it seemed that she was grasping the situation. I wrote back continuing to reassure her of our committment to her no matter how she feels. The next several months will be a time of straightening out confusion and building relationships.

Today: I happened to get on Frype (her email/chatting ~ kinda like a European Facebook) and she was on at the same time. That has never happened before. We were able to chat back and forth for almost an hour. She is not a girl of many words but we made headway. I asked her individual questions and she answered them. I guess that's easier than trying the anwser an entire list of questions on email. She said that there are 12 other kids in her home right now. We already knew that she was in 3rd grade but they call it "class 3". She said there are 13 children in her class. She asked how Micah has been (she's been really sick this week) and said she was happy that she is feeling better. I told her about "her room" and that we hung more clothes in the closet just for her. It was so much easier chatting vs. talking on the phone. I hope we have another chance to do that again.

This week has been the largest roller coaster of emotions and there were times when my faith was tested beyond what I knew I could take. I'm very blessed to be in a community of other adopting families, to have the support of friends & family and most importantly, have a Savior that meets my every (emotional, physical and spiritual) need! 2 Chronicles 20 was a huge encouragement to me this week (thanks Lenita) and I was so glad we have an awesome radio station that kept playing songs that filled the need I had to be encouraged.

Until next time...

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