Friday, June 11, 2010

We continue waiting...

Something that happens everytime I say we are going to do something is that it doesn't happen or circumstances change and we have to wait or change another piece of paper or document.

We originally sent off our USCIS paperwork in early May. On May 23 we recieved it back with a rejection letter because I apparently can't add and sent in too much money. (the gov't rejected us for too much $$$~Go figure!) Anyway, so that got re-sent out a couple days later and now we are waiting for our approval letter, which will probably be in 4 weeks or more! We also didn't send in our Dossier because we didn't have all the paperwork needed. We have gotten all the stuff we do have Apostilled and are waiting (as patiently as possible) for 3 original, notarized copies of our Home Study Agency's License. As soon as that is ready, we will pick it up and Apostille it and send in all our paperwork.

We did get word that Latvia is behind in their referrals so we made a quick decision to host Meggie over the summer. The last day to commit to hosting was May 14th. We called in on May 22 and they said okay. We have overnighted, emailed and faxed paperwork to be able to do this but we are super excited to have her with us from June 25th ~ August 1! We will be picking her up in Chicago on the June 25th @ 6:30 p.m. We haven't decided whether we will stay in a hotel or just drive through the night.

Our decision to host was quick but we had already thought about it earlier in the process. The bonus with hosting is that our 1st Trip time will be cut down from 18-21 days to 10-14 days. That's about a $175/day savings. Plus, since there is the delay, we won't be traveling with summer airline rates. We will run into the fall/winter rates, which by the way are like $300-$500/ticket cheaper. That's huge! So in the end, although we are spending the money now, it will even out somewhere in the end and there is the bonus that we get to spend this 6 weeks with her and have a blast while doing it. I'm anxiously waiting for her to be here.

Every time we go to Wal-mart we pick up a few items that will be needed for her. New bedding, clothes, shoes, flip-flops, backpack and bathroom essentials have all been added to her belongings. We have also set up all of her appts. ~ Dr., Eye Dr., Dentist and Hair. We have been blessed by the Dr.'s and companies in Lebanon, MO that are willing to provide their services free of charge because she is a part of this hosting program. We have made it known that we will be adopting her but at this time she is here on the hosting program and we will not have insurance on her. (They come with a major medical ins. in the event that are hurt and have to go to the ER but...)

We also received a grant a few weeks ago. We had applied for their maximum amount of $10,000 but were fortunate to receive $3,000. We are have gotten one letter stating that we didn't get the grant. But... we still have several out there and a few more that we will be applying to. We had another garage sale and did okay. We will be trying to have one more to get rid of the remaining items that we still have that are good quality and would sell for a good price if we were at a good location (which our house is not, we live 15 miles in the country).

That's all for now! We still covet your prayers. Specific prayers would be for the grant foundations and their decisions; safety for Meggie getting here and until she returns; Bonding that will take place while she is here; God's will in all circumstances!

May God bless you until next time!

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